Have You Tried Moving With Moving Containers?

Have You Tried Moving With Moving Containers?

For many people living in Austin, TX, moving can mean one of two things; bribing many friends with pizza, renting a truck and moving all your stuff yourself, or hiring a professional moving company to come in, evaluate the scope of your move, and then charge a hefty sum to get everything packed and transported.

However, there is a third alternative for people in Austin, TX that are thinking of undertaking a big move. It means taking advantage of a moving container instead. But what is this, and how does it differ from the usual two ways of moving?

What Is A Moving Container?

This isn’t rocket science; a moving container is exactly what it sounds like. It’s essentially a big box, made from either metal or wood, and it is designed to do only one thing; hold all your stuff. Moving containers come in a variety of sizes from seven-foot boxes to much larger cargo containers that are 16’ long.

So depending on what you need you can get a small one for your collection of apartment belongings, or you can get several of them for the big move out of the split-level home you’ve been living in for 15 years.

What Makes Them So Great?

The biggest convenience of moving containers is that the schedules are flexible. When you rent a moving truck, or you hire a moving service, this works in just one way. You—or the moving company—load all your belongings onto a vehicle, that vehicle drives to the new home, and everything is unloaded at the destination.

Moving containers work on a completely different principle. Instead, someone shows up and drops off the moving container. Depending on how much you’re willing to pay, you can load up that container yourself and then leave it there for a day, or even a week. Then on the appointed day, someone picks up the container and transports it to the new destination. Once there, the container can sit for another day, week, or even month, until you empty it. Then someone else comes around and picks up the container.

More Flexibility

This means, for example, if that you’ve already sold your home, but the new home won’t be ready for another week, you can get your things moved out, then keep them stored in the container either on your property or the new property, and then only move them back out when you’re good and ready.

If you want, you can even perform a “hybrid move,” where you pay a moving service only to put your things in the moving container, or to move them out of the moving container. However, you pay the moving container company to drop off the container at your property and move it to the new destination.

This gives you a lot more options for how and where your furniture goes, instead of just moving it all on the day. So if you live in Austin, TX, and you’re thinking of moving, but want a bit more flexibility with your schedule, call Austin Mobile Storage. Maybe what you need is a moving container solution.