Reduce Your Holiday Stress With Portable Storage

Reduce Your Holiday Stress With Portable Storage

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

The holidays are the perfect time to break your routine and show your creative side. A festive spirit really shines with a little bit of garland and a few stings of multicolored lights. As the years pass, and your holiday decoration collection grows, you might realize that you’ve become too festive. What do you do when you have more decorations than you have room to put them? Portable storage might just be your solution.

Reduce The Stress With Portable Storage

The holiday season can be fun but filled with stress. Shopping and parties, baking and entertaining; there’s enough to take care of before you even think about decorating. Digging out the ornaments, lights, and nativity scenes can take you days as you navigate through the boxes piled in the basement, attic, or garage of your home.

Portable storage is the way to reduce stress and save time when you’re ready to start the decorating work. You can safely store your items away from home and have them delivered to your driveway when you’re ready to use them. When the season ends, the storage container is brought back to you to be packed up and taken away until next year.

You’ll choose from a variety of sizes of portable storage containers to meet your needs. As you add to your collection, just add more space. No need to pass on the perfect piece for next year’s display, or that end-of-season-sale. With portable storage, you’ll have plenty of room to grow.

Keeping Everything Safe And Sound

When you have limited space, but own a lot of decorations like Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, and outdoor displays, you risk damaging your possessions. When not limited to a small storage space, you can pack better to keep your items protected. Portable storage is the way to ensure they’ll be in good working order, year after year.

Even when you utilize a convenient portable storage company, you still need to pack decorations in a way that makes it easy as possible for you to unpack next year. Here a few tried and true tips to make your holiday season merry and bright as this year ends, and when next year’s holiday season begins.

Pack smaller ornaments in egg cartons to keep them safe and secure when stored away.

Rolls of wrapping paper can be stacked in garment bags, shoe racks, or in a tall wastebasket.

Use clean restaurant take-out containers for small gift-wrapping items, such as bows and tags.

Old paper towel tubes are the perfect place to store cords. Label tubes with leftover gift tags.

Neatly wrap strings of Christmas lights around flat pieces of cardboard. Unwrapping them next year will be a cinch.

Hang wreaths on a coat hanger and place in the back of your closet.

Holiday village scenes can be wrapped in old linens that are no longer in use.