Seven Key Advantages Of Storing Patio Furniture Out Of Winter Elements

Seven Key Advantages Of Storing Patio Furniture Out Of Winter Elements

As we rush through fall and winter begins to approach, you are likely thinking about the harsh elements. Many people take the time to winterize their Austin homes and their cars. Unfortunately, one of the areas often neglected is the patio. Too many people leave their patio furniture outdoors during the winter months, leaving it vulnerable.

You’ve likely invested a significant amount into your patio furniture. Instead of risking that it will succumb to winter elements, you should instead make efforts to protect your patio furniture. Taking the proper steps to protect your furniture could increase its longevity. One of the best ways to protect your furniture is by moving it indoors, such as into a storage unit. Below, you’ll find seven key advantages of storing patio furniture out of the winter elements.

1) Reduce Damage

Although patio furniture could be made up of different parts, most of the materials that go into common patio furniture breakdown when exposed to winter elements. This could be the case even if the manufacturer says that the furniture is “weather resistant.” When moisture enters the furniture and freezes, it could cause cracking.

2) Increase The Longevity Of The Upholstery

Taking your upholstery out of the elements will help protect it and prevent it from tearing or fading. This not only includes cushions and pillows but umbrellas as well. Laundry these materials thoroughly before putting them away for storage.

3) Make Your Products Last Longer

Patio furniture is particularly vulnerable to rusting or fading. Taking your furniture out of the sun and the elements can help your furniture last longer. This ensures that you get the most out of your products.

4) Prevent Chemical Reactions

When metals react with water, there are natural reactions that occur, such as oxidation and rusting. By taking the time to protect your furniture, this should no longer be a concern. This can save valuable time in the spring, as you won’t have to clean the furniture.

5) Covers Are Ineffective

Although covers can help somewhat, they do not provide nearly the same protection as a storage unit. Putting your furniture into a storage unit ensures that it will stay dry, as covers cannot prevent all moisture from getting into or on your furniture.

6) Make Your Investment Last

You spent valuable money to purchase patio furniture, so you should make sure that it lasts. The cost of renting a storage unit for a couple of months is significantly cheaper than the price of having to purchase new furniture.

7) You’ll Be Prepared For Spring

When the temperatures begin to warm, you can simply pull your furniture out of storage and set it up on your patio. It will be clean and free of rust, meaning you and your guests can use it again immediately.

In Search Of Storage This Winter?

If you’re a home or business owner in the Austin area who is looking to store your patio furniture for the winter, be sure to reach out to Austin Mobile Storage today. Our storage solutions can help protect your patio furniture from:

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  • Wind
  • Freezing Temperatures

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